Celebration of love, craziness and tolerance in the purest way

Next event: House of Boys – Act V: 3 Year Anniversary | 21-12 WORM Rotterdam

At the beginning house music was created by LGBT+ communities. The leading movement in this case was born in the basement of Detroit and Chicago by group of club kids and DJ artists who wanted to feel free. It was about freedom and sexual diversity. In short, the roots of electronic music can be owned by ‘’pink club kids’’.

Electronic music became more mainstream. It was not always possible to go extravagant anymore in the nightlife of Rotterdam city. And because of this, the pink rave kids felt responsible for it. The new subculture was born. The never-grow-old club kids created: House of Boys. They cannot be ignored anymore in the underground techno scene of Rotterdam city. Now, it is time for the club kids to take care of this movement. To feel the first spirit of sexual diversity in the underground techno scene.

Sometimes we do not always fit in a location to organize an open-minded party. And that is why we are grateful to WORM Rotterdam. Here we can organize our parties sometimes. And of course, as some have already noticed, last summer we had thrown an illegal rave somewhere in a fairytale forest.

(Picture: Iillegal rave in the forest somewhere in Rotterdam, summer 2018)

Moreover, it is becoming more important to be lovely to each other these days. Let`s bring colourful people together on the dancefloors. Parties have always been a way to connect people and enhance the sense of creativity and tolerance. Therefore, all the lovers, just you and me, created 3 years ago House of Boys, with (mostly) queer people to also fill the boys’ house with girls and more lovers.

House of boys is a club culture for everybody with a free and open-minded attitude. We respect each others lifestyles, and there is no judgement. Because everybody needs to feel comfortable and we have the right to feel free to do what we want in a tolerant way. An imaginary house where the rules get vague. The perfect place to try new things.
This event is more than a birthday. This is the celebration of love, craziness and tolerance in the purest way. This moment is faithful with the true spirit of club kids, a tribute to the creator of electronic music. Dress code is: whatever you want, be creative (come on we are Club-Kids!).

The name ‘’House of Boys’’ might be misleading, we kicked off our first rave back in 2015 in a house mainly filled with boys – simple as that the forthcoming of our name. We have chosen to not mingle with the current gender identity discussion because if you are a lover you can come dance with us!
Concept? Label? Nah, we don’t do labels. However, to give you a brief idea of our raves: hand-picked techno talents, a lot of flirting queers, a hint of darkness, some sexy tension and when the night ends you will be left wondering ‘’lover or friend?’’

Music programming

Lake Haze

We were looking for an alternative force with a strong power of creation. Then, we have met Lake Haze. Lake Haze is a real “dance floor killer”. His music-sets always starts softly, but he quick changes the atmosphere to hypnotize you with his dark, also exciting acid techno sound. You are overwelled by his raw tunes and are trapped in his unique style. This is the promise of a dirty crazy night. Therefore, Lake Haze will close the party, because you need to finish this night with apotheosis. He will bring the tough and creative touch for the closing DJ-set, perfect for club rave kid we are all. True to the real spirit of Rotterdam across the years.


Pasiphae is a rising star. Her music-sets will bring you to the origin of the techno and house party. Her style could be described as a modern eighties: from euro-disco, within Italo and new-wave, to new-beat and acid house. This is not a music-set, this is a journey across the space, the time and the night. She is the pilot in your blade runner fantasy, the bandmaster of your retro-futuristic nightclub. Pasiphae’s sets start softly, but they gain in intensity. She is hypnotizing, deep, powerful and retro-futuristic. But don’t worry, we will not perform the voight-kampff test at the entrance of the House of Boys.


Princess-K is from the royalty of the House of Boys. Nevertheless, do not think this princess is always sweet and kind, because this is not the case. His sets are deepness dark, mysterious. They are a tasteful mix between Techno and Italo. Let you feel his wave, you could maybe understand why the K is standing.

42196848_424934688034378_7274813621689909248_o(Picture: Princess-K, illegal rave in the forest somewhere in Rotterdam, summer 2018)

Cen Giz

Cen Giz like to be experimental. You will find oriental influences in his set: he mixes oriental music and instruments with the techno and acid. This is the perfect match between the EDM and the oriental world. His style is a journey in this chimerical scene, at the border of the middle-east and the basement of an old factory for an illegal party.


Syd2000 is not the cousin of HAL 9000, but he is smart as a super calculator. His sets combine perfectly House, Acid and Disco. He will make you dance all the night. Syd2000 has the spirit of the original club-kid by his creativity. He will bring you his music and his mixes to allow you to be what you want. Let your mind going, Syd2000 will just kill the dancefloor.

Textual guidance, picture & video by House of Boys ©

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