Call boys, club dancers, transvestites - the outsiders of society - all willing to accept the despicable jobs in nightlife. Beauty, dance, and fleshly pleasures exist as their last resort to survive in this evil world. These outsiders are accompanied by many others with broken stories, from man to woman and everything in-between. Nevertheless, they live in the House of Boys where it feels safe and far from reality. Being born as a homosexual is banned from our society. The outsiders cannot rely on their family for support and trust. Instead, they rely on each other!

The characters in the House of Boys receive visitors in the pink and blue night to express their trades, their passions. To survive these colorful personalities are willing to do more than many of us. The group stands out with art and culture in life. In the end, all that matters is entertainment. At each event, reality and fantasy collide.
Production of each event is produced by diverse people with passion we just encounter at the House of Boys parties. Who knows, we'll also tick you :)