Take shortcut of The Drag Factory because it is allowed to be drag

Some youngsters did threw a drag show on 12 May at The Performance Bar in Rotterdam city. And of course we want to know everything about it, because it was an indescribable art show.

By the way, get used to it, they are here forever! 

Their massage:It is allowed to be drag! A shortcut with one of the founders of The Drag Factory:

My name is Denim du soleil (picture above). I am a drag queen from a small conservative town. I got pulled out of my comfort zone last summer by doing drag and I have never felt more comfortable with my own spirit and body before.

I wanted to continue practising this amazing artform but I discovered there is little to no drag scene in our Rotterdam. And I thought something must be done. There is so much beauty queerness, creativity, gender diversity, sexuality and love out there but just not a lot of places to own it.
I decided to grab my Drag sisters by the tuck and started to think about creating a platform for Drag performers. A save space where they will get the recognition they deserve.
We started with “ aLOUD to be drag” at LOUD Rotterdam. It was a good place to start this whole thing off. A lot of people came to see the beauty of our little group of queens. Even people out of the city did come to see us performing. We had a blast and decided to do it again at LOUD.

Afterwards I wanted to do something different. I wanted to start a factory. A factory that helps developing your skills as a performer but also a factory that brings knowledge about drag performances to the people who don’t know a lot about this artform.

I chose the word ''factory'' because for me it means developing a product. The product we are developing is tolerance, acceptance, love and fierceness. The queens can personalize their product and the audience will EAT IT.
So that is what we did. We started The drag Factory at The Performance Bar. And let me tell you those queens didn’t came to play. The bar was set so much higher and everyone got to see all the talent we have here. I didn’t hear one negative thing about this night. It was so f*cking good.
We need more events like The Drag Fctory. We are the real Rotterdam queens. We have to fight for equality for the drag scene out here. I hope my event will make a movement. Because we deserve it and you know, drag never hurt no one.